How can the US, Europe and indeed the rest of the world respond to the emerging giant? James Kynge, author of the recently published China. In China Shakes the World, the former China bureau chief of the Financial Times, James Kynge, traces these tremors from Beijing to Europe to the Midwest as. The new China, the nation that in 25 years has changed beyond all recognition is becoming an industrial powerhouse for the world. James Kynge shows not.

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Due to the rise of the Chinese tiger many states hold a great unease or fear for Beijing. It was with the disappearing manhole covers, Kynge says, that China “telegraphed its arrival” to the world. There is another dimension of this.

Many anecdotes, and good examples to draw on, but brought nothing really special that was unsaid about China yet. I felt compelled, disgusted, proud, in turn, yet in ways that are interesting if perhaps not quite unexpected — rather, I feel like Kynge’s writing so neatly synthesizes tge brings to life a lot of what I already subsconsciously gleaned about China from years of living in Singapore that red dot some mistake as part of Chinathat I find myself reacting in vaguely famil This review will probably say more about the reviewer me than about the book most reviews probably do, if less blatantly.

On the other hand, it really did clarify the current position of China in the world. First, the members of the Chinese diaspora that invested in China in the 80s, 90s and more recently have often reaped handsome commercial rewards, thereby strengthening their financial standing.

A highly recommended introduction to anyone who wants to understand the impact of China’s rise more fully. Perhaps, to a lesser extent, we can say the same of Japanese capital in relation to the material expansion of China. Names Choose a language for shopping. Kynge studied in china, speaks fluent mandarin and has been a journalist there for thirty years.

It is truly scary. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance links. Interesting question, and an area in which I may not be as well-informed as you. Customers who bought this item also bought. They also see the continuing tensions around Taiwan, between China and Japan, and the growing strategic competition between the US and China in the Asia-Pacific.


But surrendering administrative control to the invisible hand of the market saps the essential power that sustains a sing-party state. The China “economic miracle” has been in the headlines since the s. Still, worth a read.

China Shakes the World : James Kynge :

A perfect gift for Christmas. Kynge provides enjoyable journalistic vignettes without getting bogged down in sweeping anecdote-based generalizations a la Friedman. I’m actually quite impressed by the scale, boldness, ruthlessness and creativity of the scams.

China is so large and varied that it may start to take on the characteristics of several economies within one political and geographic entity. Despite this fact, for nebulous reasons I am having difficulty articulating, this book wasn’t as satisfying as I was expecting. Kynge is always clear-headed and balanced to a fault. Vhina talks about the recent history of China, including its incredible pace of development, extremely serious environmental problems, how a significant percentage of its economy is kkynge and how pervasive corruption is, and why China can be so competitive in so many markets.

The Best Books of China Shakes The World: The party remains as committed to its survival as the single source of political authority as ever. I don’t know what is so appealing about this sub-genre of nonfiction political analysis–perhaps it is the sheer scale of the China’s geopolitical role fascinates me.

Westerners continually clamoring to explain China’s geopolitical role fascinate me even more.

China Shakes the World: A Titan’s Breakneck Rise and Troubled Future—and the Challenge for America

View Full Version of PW. And his description of just how inequitable the competition from China can be will leave you hopelessly frustrated: It’s easy to read, carefully researched, gently opinionated, and illuminating. He speaks Chinese, he has interviewed people from all walks of life, he has sjakes many fascinating anecdotes and stories, and he has tried to make sense of it all Whether the reader is optimistic or pessimistic, in either case it is a troubled future, as the subtitle says, that awaits.

Companies Show more Companies links. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He quotes statistics noting that China’s growth from the Middle Ages onwards lynge entirely due to population growth, and that the average incomes thr stuck at medieval levels even as Europe grew by leaps and bounds; yet the population continued to increase, which means that the burden on the land was extremely heavy.


I felt most for, rather, the Italian family owned silk tie maker whose designs — one mystical elliptical design that took years to refine for example — were bought for practically nothing by Chinese tie makers who’d bankrupted the Italians with the low cost silk.

The reluctance also means that when things are going well and the economy is riding high, reform generally decelerates, only to pick up again when the tide of growth ebbs. This review will probably say more about the reviewer me than about the book most reviews probably do, if less blatantly. The book gets its title from an unconfirmed and in all likelihood mythological quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

I shall hereby transcribe it here since otherwise I don’t really have much to say by way of a review. Hilariously, it brought me from being a student of the former, to that of both.

Kynge says that by China will have a larger economy than the American one. Obviously, this is a book for those interested either in China or economics.

This book will help you understand how important oil is becoming, and I am more concerned about the f Written by the former China bureau chief of the Financial Times, this book is filled with well researched information. James Kynge employs his experiences as a kyngr bureau chief and journalist in Asia for various news outlets over several years to support his theories.

China Shakes the World: A Titan’s Rise and Troubled Future — and the Challenge for America

China is so large, so important, and is at the heart of so many key trends and questions about the future of humanity on this planet that I want, no, need to read that book. The infrastructure build-out across China worlr breathtaking. Please try again later.