Spratly Islands, Chinese (Pinyin) Nansha Qundao or (Wade-Giles transliteration) Nan-sha Ch’un-tao, Malay Kepulauan Spratly, Pilipino Pangkat Islang. Jul 13, Kepulauan Spratly adalah gugus kepulauan di Laut China Selatan yang dipersengketakan beberapa negara di sekitarnya. Negara-negara. KEPULAUAN SPRATLY.. 11°30′ LU dan °30′ : Laut China Selatan Koordinat: 4° LU km persegi Luas daratan: 3 km pe.

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Physical geography of Sarawak. For sources of the introduction see therefore the Wikipedia entries linked to.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. InBrunei established an exclusive fishing zone encompassing Louisa Reef in the southeastern Spratly Islands.

Territorial Disputes and Resource Management. Keep Exploring Britannica Mount Everest. More than half of the world’s supertanker traffic, by tonnage, passes through the region’s waters every year.

They concluded in the award that there was no evidence that China had historically exercised exclusive control over the waters or resources, hence there was “no legal basis for China to claim historic rights” over the nine-dash line. Although the consequences of substrate mining are hidden, they kepjlauan tremendous.

Init was reported that the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad believed Malaysia could profit from China’s economic growth through co-operation with China, [] and said that China “was not a threat to anyone and iepulauan not worried about aggression kdpulauan China”, as well accusing the United States of provoking China and trying to turn China’s neighbours against China.

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On 2 Augustthe United States Senate unanimously passed a resolution declaring that China’s July actions to unilaterally assert control of disputed territories in the South China Sea “are contrary to agreed upon principles with regard to resolving disputes and impede a peaceful resolution. China has asserted that its claim to the Spratlys dates back centuries. China Sea as Philippines seizes Chinese boat”. Retrieved 10 March Kepulauaan Vietnam on Claim”. France and the United Kingdom protested and reasserted French sovereignty claims.

In addition to economic incentives, the Spratlys sit astride major maritime trade kepulauwn to Northeast Asia, giving them added significance as positions from which to monitor maritime activity in the South China Sea and to potentially base and project military force from. Tribunal backs case against China brought by Philippines”.

South China Sea, Spratlys Issue Research Papers –

When the Spratlys and Paracels were being surveyed by Germany inChina issued protests. Hawaii, constituent state of the United States of America. A later edition of the map named the Spratly Island as Storm Island.

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Though the UN conference was considered a success, it left the exact breadth of each nation’s territorial waters somewhat unresolved; the US, for instance, said it should extend just three nautical miles. The remains of these organisms accumulated over time as biogenic carbonates that comprise the current day reefs, shoals and cays of the Spratly Islands. Dahil dito, pinag-aagawan ito ng iba’t ibang bansa. A total of 48 nations made full claims, and dozens more made preliminary submissions.


Who owns the Spratly islands in the South China Sea? – BBC News

Vietnam published another white paper, occupied several of the islands and constructed military installations. One of the exceptions is the Reed Speatly area. The ship was later towed back to base. Larger islands are capable of supporting tropical forestscrub forestcoastal scrub and grasses. The principal minerals bearing phosphate are podolite, lewistonite and dehonite.

Perebutan wilayah di Laut China Selatan

It is difficult to determine which species have been introduced or cultivated by humans. Janes also noted that in contrast to the previous construction projections of other countries in the Spratlys, ‘The main difference between these activities and China’s is that they modified existing land masses, while Beijing is constructing islands out of reefs that for the most part were under water at high tide’.

Archived from the original PDF on 27 March The Spratly Islands were, incoral islets mostly inhabited by seabirds.